Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Widget Action: "End Police Pre-Trial, Extra-Judicial Electrocutions

Francis L. Holland, Esq.
Afrosphere Action Coalition (AAC)
55 (73) 3288-1716

July 23, 2008

Dear afrosphere bloggers:
RE: Widget Action: "End Police Pre-Trial, Extra-Judicial Electrocutions
and Executions" (Tasering)
Please consider placing one of these anti-taser widgets (various sizes)
at your blog, in preparation for a day of blogging against police pre-trial,
extra-judicial electrocution and execution of members of the public.

The widgets lead readers to a new "Electrocuted While Black" blog
(by African American Political Pundit and I), where we will
link to all of the blogs that have notified us by e-mail that they
have joined the anti-electrocution (taser) campaign by adopting one of these

Subsequently, the Afrosphere Action Coalition (AAC) will call
for a day of blogging on the issue, and then issue a press release
including the names and links of the participating afrosphere blogs.

In spite of police claims that electrocuting Blacks is necessary
and normally harmles, research reveals that 600 pound bears and
one thousand pound moose are often treated by game wardens with
greater care for their wellbeing and integrity than are members
of the public when confronted by police officers with electrocution/execution
devices in their hands.

In fact, police call in the game wardens to treat the animals
humanely, while acting alone in treating Blacks inhumanely.

America Shoots Animals with Anesthetic Darts, but Electrocutes and Executes Human Beings Pre-Trial with 50,000 Volts of Frequently Lethal Force

Please send us an e-mail as soon as you have adopted an anti-electrocition
widget. We have to stop pre-trial, extra-judicial electrocution and execution
of Blacks, which has become the modern version of lynching.

This is an action of the Afrosphere Action Coalition.


Francis L. Holland, Esq.
Afrosphere Action Coalition (AAC)
55 (73) 3288-1716

The AfroSpear to Me:

The AfroSpear is a national and international group of Black self-determination
bloggers collectively using our blogs and our influence to improve the lives of
Blacks politically, socially, economically, culturally, and even spiritually.
AfroSpear bloggers use their blogs and their voices invarious different ways,
depending upon their expertise and preferences, to promote the goals of the

The AfroSpear maintains a highly credible and effective advocacy voice for
Black people that is heard loudly, clearly and influentially throughout the
Diaspora. The AfroSpear does not discriminate on the basis of national origin,
religion, gender, sexual preference, native language, ethnicity or disability, but its members
are Black bloggers who are prepared and determined to consistently use their
AfroSpear blogs and their voices in a collaborative AfroSpear effort.

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Anonymous said...

good blog... electrocuted while black..

Some of my students looked up the schematic for a homemade taser..