Friday, April 24, 2009

At Least Five Seventeen Year-Olds Suffer Police Pretrial Capital Punishment by Electrocution This Year

405 "Taser" Electrocutions in North America So Far

SIXTEEN Americans have died so far this year after they were tasered, including a 16-YEAR-OLD BOY, a 15-YEAR-OLD boy - and a 17-YEAR OLD boy who became AT LEAST the FIFTH 17-year-old to die in North America proximal to the taser.

At least SEVENTY-ONE North Americans died in 2008 after they were tasered, including at least FIVE (and possibly SIX) Canadians. At least SEVENTY-EIGHT North Americans (that we know of) died in 2007, FIVE of them Canadian. At least 405 people have died in North America proximal to taser use since 2001. TWENTY-FIVE (SIX?) people have died in Canada since 2003 after police used tasers on them. One person has died in Britain. One person has died in Australia.

The taser has been identified as either a cause or contributing factor in at least 50 of the deaths, according to
Amnesty International(Dec. 16/08). That number would be higher; however medical examiners and coroners are often not impartial but are instead biased in favour of the Crown or, as has been shown, they are under tremendous pressure from - among others - the weapon's manufacturer, to make a particular finding.

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