Thursday, June 11, 2009

Texas Police Electrically Shock White Woman, 72, Making Nightly News in Brazil

The above film is from an unrelated police shocking incident
in Orange County, CA.

I live in Brazil and I just saw a scene on the nightly news here, from the US state of Texas (click here for video), that disgusted me, and will shock and astound Brazilians nationwide. A Texas police officer was arguing with a elderly white woman during a highway traffic stop, stemming from a speeding ticket. The police officer is easily a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier than this slightly built white woman, and yet he ultimately fires an electrocution device at her and she can be seen falling to the ground. She is a wrinkle-faced white woman who is seventy-two years old.

Would the police officer have shot this woman with a handgun had he not had an electrocution device available? Of course not! Police officers don't shoot elderly white women at traffic stops. So, the electrocution device served as a new tool of curbside behavior management and pre-trial punishment that, unfortunately, often results in death or serious injury.

Should you really risk killing an elderly woman as part of issuing a traffic ticket?

There is no good reason for "Tasers" to exist in the USA today, any more than there was "an appropriate law enforcement role" for gas chambers in Auswhich, Germany. While it's true that people who died in the gas chambers escaped being burned at the stake, that is not a sufficient rationale for the existence of gas chambers. And the threat of being shot to death is not a sufficient rationale for being electrocuted instead.

Even as President Obama attempts to change the world's impressions about America's ruthlesseness and violence, local police officers are making television news around the world, electrically shocking little old white ladies into submission.


Villager said...

The woman is fortunate to be alive. 21 people have died in America this year as a result of taser-torture by the police.

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

From Queensland, Australia: this person's background is not mentioned at all and there was no picture of him on the TV news last night..

TheEvilOne said...

The taser is supposed to cause paralysis buy I wonder whether it always does. Perhaps in some people it causes convulsions which the police interpret as resistance resulting in a cycle of repeat taserings.

Anonymous said...

Just because most of the people are white on Supreme court doesn't mean anything. It just means that they turned out to be the best candidates. Racism happens against whites too, happened to me and my mum because of our colour. Blacks and whites also don't have less of a chance of any experiences than the other. I lived in a poor town where there would be people that would be mugged and stuff, with WHITE as the majority. Yet, the town I moved to had WHITE be the LAST. Everyone has got hundreds and some even thousands of dollars in their bank accounts and are like:"What did you get for your birthday?" "I got $4,000 dollars from my grandma (blah blah blah)" How rich is that? I've never met a white person that rich. (well, unless you count the white celebrities I've met, I've met a lot of celebrities with my dad's job.)

Anonymous said...

I do however think tasers should be illegal and know you didn't mean to offend me and believe in equality. I carry a homemade taser on my person but that is for cases where I am so desparate murder is a option. Oh and do you know good ways to get smokes if your 13 without knowing anyone old enough who would buy smokes for you? Sorry... that's on another topic. reply to the comment to