Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ft. Worth SCLC Demands Resignation of Police Chief & Mayor Over Electrocution

25 November 2009 02:55
To: "The White House John O. Brennan"
Cc: Bob Ray Sanders

Statement from the President of the Fort Worth Tarrant County
Southern Christian Leadership Conference

The SCLC knew Mayor Mike Moncrief would do anything within his power to keep the truth about the Michael Jacobs, Jr., taser shock death a secret. We called it a "Cowtown Cover Up" from the beginning and now we know the truth. We have completely lost confidence in the Mayor, the Chief of police and anyone else who supported suppressing the Medical Examiner's Report.

As president of the Fort Worth Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), I am calling on the Mayor and Chief of Police to resign and for a full Justice Department investigation into the civil rights violations and cover up by governmental officials and employees.

We will attend the next City Council meeting and will demand the resignations publicly and encourage the general public to join in our efforts.

We contend that Fort Worth is one of the most dangerous cities in America for African-American males.

Reverend Kyev Tatum

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