Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Man Dies After Being Electrocuted While Black

KDKA TV reports Allegheny County Police are investigating the death of a man who was tased by Swissvale police.

The incident started shortly before midnight when the Swissvale Police were dispatched to Hawthorne Avenue for reports of a male acting erratically and trying to get inside residents' homes.

Once on the scene, the man, 37 year-old Andre Thomas, failed to comply with numerous requests by police.

Thomas then made furtive movements toward the officers and a taser was used to subdue him.

He was treated at the scene by emergency medical personnel and transported to a local area hospital where he was pronounced dead. More Here on how a Man Dies After Being Tased By Swissvale Police.


Anonymous said...

You spelled electrocuted wrong.

Anonymous said...

Headline: Asian Woman Robbed by Black Man Decides to Accuse Entire Black Race of Racism Against Asians

Anonymous said...

Robbed While Asian (by Black Man)

Anonymous said...

Asians Abused by Blacks and Hispanics say Blacks and Hispanics should be nominated for Academy Awards for "Most Abused While Black or Brown"
Separate awards will go to "Most Abused by Blacks" and "Most Abused by Hispanics" - new awards in 2008.
Those who are bi-racial will have no awards and will sit in the back.
Also, short Asians will not invited to any post-show parties.
Whites will not be invited to the show at all because it is assumed that all whites have something to do with everyone's present abuse level.
Those of Quaker lineage are planning a protest.

Anonymous said...

Whites and browns wonder if being "Electrocuted While Black" means, as it sounds, that the electrocuted is sometimes black and sometimes other colors - and only sometimes black?

Anonymous said...

Asians Protest Height Requirement for Professional Basketball and make Accusations of Racism.

Baskets should be lowered - they contend. Asian Legal Advocates called and lawsuits are planned.