Monday, August 4, 2008

In addition to pre-electrocution "excited delirium", discovered by the Taser Corporation as a way to avoid liability for Taser related electrocutions and deaths, the courts should be aware of another psychiatric condition newly discovered by a trade group: It's called: "Mistaken Missing Money Complex", discovered by the American Society of Pickpockets:

"Mistaken Missing Money Complex"

The American Society of Pickpockets has discovered that, right after people's pockets are picked, they often become subject to an excited, intense and uncontrollable belief that their money is missing. In fact, the belief is delusional and associated with a desire for imagined money, rather than the actual fact of missing money.

Even though "Mistaken Missing Money Complex" doesn't appear in the DSM-IV of the American Psychiatric Association or any other medical textbook or reference, yet it is definitely a verified psychiatric illness that judges should be aware of before they make the mistake of requiring pickpockets to pay restitution, because in most cases, according to the American Association of Pickpockets, the delusional victims' pockets were empty to begin with.

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