Monday, August 4, 2008

Another Pre-Trial Electrocution of a Black man in the Hall of a Police station

Yes, there Another Pre-Trial Electrocution in the Hall of a Police Station.

wsoctv.comreport Police said a struggle between a suspect and officers happened in a hallway inside the Iredell County Jail.

Anthony Davidson, right.
Police shocked Anthony Davidson with a Taser Saturday night. Sunday night he died. Now his family and police want answers.

Davidson's uncle, Jerry Moore Sr. said he went to the hospital to see Davidson after hearing what had happened."They come down with him on a gurney and they were breathing for him. His face was all bruised and he had a big knot over his right eye," he said.Investigators said it all started when the 29-year-old was arrested for shoplifting at a Food Lion on Wilkesboro highway Saturday afternoon.

Then, according to officers, he fought them while being booked at the Iredell County Jail forcing officers to shoot him at least once with aTaser.Statesville Assistant Police Chief Tom Anderson explained why Davidson was taken to Iredell Memorial's emergency room."Not for any wound or anything other than how he was acting, his bizarre behavior and the belief that he was under some impairing substance,” he said.Chief Anderson said everything that happened was captured on tape. Still, Jerry Moore isn't convinced his nephew did anything wrong.

He wants police to tell family members exactly what happened."We want to hear from them. They owe us an explanation," he said. More HERE

Tased man's family to meet police

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