Sunday, August 3, 2008

Call an Electrocution and Electrocution

Tasing someone to death and electrocuting them is the same thing. Look up the verb "tase" in the Merriam Webster dictionary. It doesn't exist.

Look up the word "Taser" in the Merriam Webster dictionary. It exists only as a trade mark name, but NOT as a noun that could be applied to all electrical shock devices.

When the media begins to report that Black people are tired of being "electrocuted", they will understand that Blacks are serous, we are definiing our own reality, acting in self-determination, and they will realize that we are determined to stop being electrocuted.

But, for so long as we accept and adopt the "tase" euphemism created by one corporation for the self-serving purpose of marketing their own weapons, we will be acceding to THEIR version of how WE died. Those who define and name history control history and destiny.

A person who dies when seven Twinkies or Snickers bars are stuffed down his throat at once has not been "Twinkied" or "Snickered"; He has been intentionally and forcibly "asphyxiated." That's the scientific and dictionary-accepted name for that, not "Twinkied" or "Snickered", no matter what self-serving names the Twinkie and Snickers corporations and the media adopt.

Likewise, a person who is strangled to death with a Guchi belt has not been "Guchied". He has quite simply been "strangled" and "asphyxiated", regardless of the trademark name of the belt with which he has been strangled and asphyxiated.

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